Savvy Kids Finance is a finance blog that focuses on educating children about finances. Children today have access to the Internet and we feel that they need to know how to manage their finances and work smart from a young age. So, this blog is for them. Savvy Kids Finance is completely child-friendly and you can allow your child to browse our website without any concerns.

Ryan Porter is a father of four children and he is the man behind this blog. Ryan adores children and started teaching his children how to work with their money and plan for the future from a young age. He now wants to share that with the world. You will find that his children sometimes write for this blog too. They offer their own advice and also tell stories about what they learned from Ryan.

The aim of this blog is to prepare children for the world and make sure that they know how to handle their finances properly before they start working. The earlier we learn good habits, the better. Teaching children good habits while their young is more effective than trying to do so when they’re older and less inclined to learn.

For more information, please contact us at support@divadogs.co.uk.